3 years ago on Christmas Eve…

Things like this don’t show up in your Timehop. Things like this are too special to let go. You hide them away for days that you feel alone.. To remind you that the boy who wanted to “test the waters” is your husband now.. To remind you that you’re forever loved.. To remind you that there is someone who will never leave.

Me: Some of me is scary. Scarier than you know.

Drew: Every piece of you is perfect, and I can’t study you enough. The scary parts, the broken parts, the ships, anchors, and blades. Cats, puppies, and poems.

Drew: music, smiles, and blue hair. I want to know, because all at once it matters.

Me: Why?

Me: What’s so important about silly old me?

Drew: He made you, and put you here, and there’s so much of you to learn and learn from and understand, and it’s all too beautiful to look away.

Me: So, what, you’re going to stay up all night trying to dissect my life based on a bunch of pictures and pieces?

Me: I am made of such fragmented parts, and I am just waiting for the jagged edge that cuts the thread holding you to me.

Drew: No. I’m going to sleep knowing there’s actually someone out there that I can’t figure out in a day, and tomorrow begins another day in a lifetime, or as long as I have, of learning you. And that… That is the most exciting present I’ll get tomorrow…

Me: But Christmas is now.

Drew: Lol. Yes it is. Merry Christmas, darling. I love you.

Me: I love you. 


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