What do we put our faith in?

I just finished Batman, and I must say that I was genuinely pleased. It was an incredibly good storyline, and illustrated so well! I was amazed to find out who Holiday was.. Or is?

The thing I couldn’t stop thinking about this time, though, was Batman’s faith. He had this unshakable faith in Harvey Dent and Gotham and, really, just everything. It made me wonder by the end, though, if we can ever really put our faith in another person.


Harvey starts out great. He’s doing the right thing. He’s staying on the just side of the law. He seems to be a stand-up guy. However, life happens, as it does to all of us. He gets in a horrible accident and is disfigured. He disappears for months. He returns as a psycho, hell-bent on killing everyone, and no longer believing in justice. Batman says in the beginning that he believes in Gotham City AND Harvey Dent. By the end, he says he believes in Gotham City. No Harvey.

This sentiment is evident in other storylines as well, though. In the mob families, people seem to constantly be betraying each other, lying and stealing, even murdering to get their way. In a group like this, family is sacred. They’re the only ones you can trust. Except, we see that ALBERT shows us otherwise. He fakes his death to get revenge on his father. Did his mother help? Was he really Holiday? No one can tell. No answers are given.


The general consensus seems to be that people cannot be relied upon. We are stupid and emotional creatures, and sometimes life gets the best of us. It certainly did for Harvey Dent. One has to wonder: is it futile to have faith in anyone or anything at all? Gordon and Batman believe in Gotham City, yet the city’s people keep letting them down. Aren’t the people what makes up a city? Without them, it doesn’t function. Apparently, though, it doesn’t function with them either.

I will not give up hope. I will believe in my fellow human beings. Life happens, tragedy strikes, but as we saw a couple of weeks ago in Paris, hope and love and help are real, and if we give up on that, then and only then are we unable to be relied upon. A person who hopes is a person who forges a new future. A person who has faith in others is a person who changes the world. Batman changes his world. I believe that with a little faith, we can, too.



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